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31 October 2023, 10:02:02 EDT

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ANOMALY: Branched Tail...?

BROWBIRD - REQUIRES: Uncommon Split Tail OR Any rare or above tail + Nightmares

Branching tails on a browbird supposedly hints at possible painted satyr ancestry, however in the case of this one it seems to be something different. Something wrong.  A parasite that clawed its way up from the depths of the Abyssal void and nestled itself deep within their heart, or perhaps they ARE that creature.

✦ Allows the tail to be split and branched. Minimum of 3 branches with as many branches as you'd like at max!
✦ Branches must be spaced from each other and cannot be clumped together.
✦ Branches can be placed anywhere on the main tail and should resemble the design above in relative max size and shape. They are not thorns/extra limbs/fins/tentacles!
✦ Branches themselves can also be split x1 each! (so one tendril can have up to 2 points)
✦ Branches can be docked/damaged as long as no blood or bone is showing and a few are still in tact
✦ Tail can be entirely or partially furred
✦ OPTIONAL: Tail can be hairless and covered in smooth skin
✦ OPTIONAL: Branches can be lightly prehensile


  • Tail follows the same length rarity as the existing tail. EX: if you have a rare tail the length of the tail and all branches must remain rare
  • Tail thorns can be placed on the branches
  • Razor tail tip can only be applied to the tip of the main tail. Branches cannot grow from the razor portion
  • If the design has x2 or more tails they can all be branched!
  • Scales and plate scales cannot be placed on the branches but can be placed on the main tail
  • Hiros Tail wings cannot be placed on branches and branches cannot grow from tail wings
  • DOES NOT STACK WITH: Astrean sea tail, revenant skeletal tail, ancient phoenix tails, or halv tails