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🌈 Dragon Smoothie

Category: Trait Items

Rarity: ★★

Resale Value: 4 ✨

★ Obtained from:
One time use. Consumed once design has been updated.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the salon.
Can only be used on browbirds.

Allows you to add Uncommon Dragon Whiskers to a browbird.
Trait:  Adds up to two long trailing whiskers to a browbird that grow from the head area.
Size: Maximum length can be long enough to touch the floor. Minimum length should at least reach the shoulders.

✅ Can grow from anywhere in the head area. Including nose, cheeks, brows, ears, hair, and sides of the head.
✅  Can have tufted tips but do not need to
✅ Can be furred by default
✅ Hiros browbirds can have feathered whisker tips
✅  Each application applies 1-2 whiskers.
Dragon Feathers1 by Browbird

This trait will be sold as its own item during certain events, but it can be gained through normal use of an Uncommon Trait Potion.

A beverage made of blended sweet fruits with an underlying sourness that packs a real punch. It's unknown if real dragons enjoy this smoothie but the signs seem to point to yes. A variant of this drink is made around Candleblight celebrations that briefly turns the fur of whoever drinks it into a random color for fun! 

Uses: Allows you to add Uncommon Dragon Whiskers to a browbird.


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