⚡Stripeless Patches

⚡Stripeless Patches (Mythic)

Category: Patches
Species: Painted Satyr
🌈 This is an ITEM ONLY trait and cannot be obtained with an mythic trait potion. Can only be applied to a painted satyr using an [ITEM TBA].

🌈 Not yet available!

Trait: Patch areas without any stripes!
Size: Must affect at least one patch area.

✅ Can affect all patch areas or just specific ones
✅ It can be used with textured patches allowed by specific mask materials to create solid areas of that material only if that material has patch modifying features that can affect the entire patch (ex: wood texture patches for wood mask, metal texture patches for metal mask)
✅ Any non-stripe marking is allowed. Rare markings will still require their respective traits!

❌ Does not automatically grant other patch traits or increase patch coverage, this feature is applied separately!
❌ Can't make patches entirely out of ice, crystal, or other elements as those materials do not affect the entire patch!

Delicate Anetnnae by Browbird

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