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🌟 Hylos Relic

Category: ★ Specialty

Rarity: ★★★★★

Resale Value: 75 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:
Galstrod's Goods - Purchased for 80💎

Gilded Gacha

★ Use:
One time use. Can only be used on a browbird.

Permanently transforms one browbird into a hiros or half hiros browbird.
The hiros version becomes the new canon design and they are not able to return to their original form without being reverted.
You must go through the Salon to have the updated design made official. 

The transformed character should not be drastically different from the original. They should retain their overall look, palette, horns, crest, markings, and so on. 

✅ Adds +1 aspect slot when applied to a standard subtype browbird
✅ Can be applied to an existing character or MYO during the creation process.
✅ Automatically grants a third aspect slot when applied if the character does not currently have one.
✅  When a browbird becomes a hiros, they will have access to hiros traits.
❌ This type replaces the standard type when applied.
★ Description
This ancient relic was recovered from the ruins of a fallen hiros city. These objects are small statues carried around or placed in front of buildings with the intent of inviting good luck and protection. The size of the statue was directly relevant to what it was supposed to invite onto the location in which it was placed. A small statue indicated good luck and protection from illnesses or misfortune for the person who carried it with them, while a large statue could watch over a large area. 
These statues are still common today and can be found all over, you'll see them most often in gardens and in front of businesses run by hiros browbirds.
This particular statue is incredibly old, however it has a distinct feature that sets it apart from most hiros statues. Wings are fairly uncommon for these statues, and a glowing halo of energy even more so. This must indicate that it holds an old and mysterious power...

Uses: Transforms one browbird into a hiros or half hiros browbird.

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