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🌟 New Story

Rarity: ✶

Resale Value: 3 ✨ Stargold

★ Obtained from:
• Specialty Supplies - Purchased for ✨20
• Book Bundle

★ Use:
One time use. Item is consumed once used.
RESETS some or all questline progress on a single character allowing those quests to be done again. You must create NEW WORK for the new quest submissions.
• Once per character. Limit resets if the design changes ownership! This is not impacted by using a Reincarnation.
• You choose which quests to wipe. Can be specific quests or all of them. This can include quests created by you.
• It cannot be used on events, dailes, weeklies, or monthlies, only these quests that are done once per character! The completion badge will be removed from the character's description.
• For Painted Satyrs who have completed the Grove questline, this item will remove Grove Form as well allowing for you to choose a new path.
• If you reset the crafting quest you do not lose your ability to craft!

‼️ Submit a CLAIM to use this item. Link to the character's profile and all the quests submissions you want to wipe. You can find submission history on the character's page under the section labled "Submissions". Using this item will NOT remove quests from the logs, but will remove them from the character's profile and allow the quests to be done again. You can earn the "first time" completion rewards as well.
★ Description: 
A new adventure log waiting to be filled in.

★ Use: Resets some or all questline progress on a single character!


★ Source: Specialty Supply

★ Purchaseable At: