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🌟 Evorantine

Category: Specialty


Resale Value: 8 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:

• Crafting
Gilded Gacha

★ Use:
One time use. Item will be removed from your inventory when used.
Changes one common companion into their uncommon form.
✦ Info:
✅ Can be applied to an existing companion or Shimmering Egg during the creation process.
✅ The companion must be designed by the owner. This will allow you to create an uncommon companion when paired with a Shimmering Egg, or allows you to create a base transfer to have your companion become uncommon.
❌ Cannot be used on an uncommon, rare, or unique companion.
❌ Does not change your companion's species. You must upgrade into the uncommon version of the SAME SPECIES.
❌When applied to an existing companion this item does not allow you to heavily edit the markings and colors by default. The markings and colors should remain as close as you can get them to the common original.
★  The bases available when using this item are:

Common Aprico by AgentCorrinaUncommon Aprico

Common Seasun by AgentCorrinaUncommon Seasun

Common Crabit by AgentCorrinaUncommon Crabit

Common Kitlike by AgentCorrinaUncommon Kitlike

Common Dridgeon by AgentCorrinaUncommon Dridgeon

Common Lunon by AgentCorrinaUncommon Lunon

Common Aircorn by AgentCorrina
Uncommon Aircorn

Common Kettlecat by AgentCorrinaUncommon Kettlecat

Common Sharden by AgentCorrinaUncommon Sharden

Common Spectal by AgentCorrinaUncommon Spectal

Bippin TBA


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★ Description
A delicious fruit that is both sweet and tart. Animals of all kind love these things, and critters who are infused with any amount of magic will find their mouths watering when looking upon an Evorantine. They make wonderful treats for your pet, just don't overdo it!

Uses: Changes one common companion into their uncommon form.

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