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[🩸🎟️] October challenge prompt!


1. Ink 11. Enchanted Items 21. Mushrooms
2. Pumpkins 12. Something Sweet 22. Shattered
3. Fall Carnival 13. Horror Film 23. Mask
4. Warmth 14. Worst Nightmare 24. Something Watching
5. The Hunt 15. Candlelit 25. Doll
6. Found Footage 16. Homemade 26. Bones
7. Secrets 17. Familiar Summon 27. Curse
8. In the Shadows 18. Downpour 28. Infestation
9. Full Moon 19. Stitches 29. Glitched
10. Liminal Space 20. Dark Fairytale 30. The Abyss
31. ????? To be revealed near the end!

Thank you to the players who submitted ideas we used for this prompt!

Dracula, AdrianAutumnOwl, Emil, svnfiwer, Usaretam, Jenks, saturn, Space-Nexus, fluffbeak, lune, Breetbowl, Marifoxylobo, Anthe, traditionalbelle, kiwith, 3dari, Cypherlife, Foxesnferns, saivalkae, koasiian


★ Prompt

Create a drawing, written piece, or craft art based off one of the above prompts!
❗ You can submit prompts for this challenge to the GALLERY!
You find yourself lost in a strange dream, but even when you wake you feel a faint ripple at the edges of reality.

★ Allowed Species

BrowbirdPainted SatyrKitbullNo Browlet onlyNo Companion only

★ Info

✦ Submissions must be created by you - no commissions, collabs, bases, or traced images, or anything previously submitted.
✦ Can be done as gift art, characters allowed for gift art can be found here, and writing here.
NO BONUSES APPLY, THIS IS A FLAT REWARD PROMPT! Do not add anything extra to the payouts.

★ Minimum Requirements

✦ For visual art submissions:

  • Must show at least 25% of 1 character
  • Background NOT required, but encouraged!
  • Grayscale, partial color, flat color, and full color all OK!

Minimum Requirement Examples

Will not pass
❌ Rough sketch with no color and no shading/minimal shading
❌ The character in a single flat color/single gradiant or appearing as a silhouette

What is OK: No color minimum requirement
✅ Clean lines with crosshatch or ink shading
✅ Grayscale with tones
These are OK as long as they are clean and/or have detail. If they are too close to the previous examples they will not pass!

What is OK: Color minimum requirement
✅ Sketch with flat color
✅ Lineless or painting with stylized color
✅ Sketch with stylized color
Shading isn't required!

✦ For written submissions:

  • Must be at least 250 words
  • Must clearly be about OR written from the perspective of the character(s)

✦ For craft submissions:

  • Must be a clear photo of the craft with no real life people visible
  • Any craft type is OK as long as the submission clearly relates to the prompt + clearly depicts the character/something celestial-seas related.
  • Ex: carved pumpkin, sculpture, paper cutout, sewing, needle felting, cooking, decorated cookies, etc would all be fine!

★ SPECIAL prompt guidelines

🎃CHALLENGE: 1 prompt a day, every day, no repeats!

However, you don't have to do it this way if you don't want to!
✦ You are allowed to do the prompts in any order, on any day, and can do the same prompts multiple times and on different characters. You can exceed 30 entries!

This prompt closes 1 week after october ends to allow for extra time to finish up last minute entries.

✦ Please mention the prompt(s) used in your submission in the comments!

✦ You can stylize your character and draw them in different 'non-canon' ways to suit the prompt. Ex: skeletal/exposed bone for the bone prompt, in a plush form for the doll prompt, etc. If they are being drawn in ways that are consistently skirting guidelines over multiple submissions they the entry may be sent back!

  • You can submit up to 8 promts together in a single day (same or different prompts)
  • You will get credit for each individual prompt on the batch submission.
    • EX: if you group 3 together, you get a payout for 3, thats x15 Inkdrops!

    • You can submit multiple prompts on a single file as long as they are at least loosely separate drawings/panels and each meet min requirements
    • MAX of 8 prompts on 1 submission

    • You can group prompts to create a longer written piece or submit multiple small ones together
    • MAX of 8 prompts on 1 submission = MAX 2000 words in one submission.
    • You don't have to write precisely 250 about each prompt on a batch submission! As long as each one you use is incorporated somewhere you're good. It is still 250 words per x5 inkdrops!
    • You can write the max about single prompts too if you prefer!

You may do submissions with body horror, blood, horror elements, and light gore/injury. Depictions of heavy gore/large open realistic wounds are not allowed! Please indicate any content warnings for blood, gore, injury, or eyestrain/flashing in the comments section of your submission

And reminder that this prompt will not be the only source of the inkdrop currency!

Your submission will be sent back if there are any issues! If you'd like us to make payout corrections and approve without sending back (even if the payout is less) please mention in the comments section.
  • ★ REWARDS ★

    Do not apply these base rewards yourself, they are granted at time of approval!
    x5 Inkdrops
    LIMITED TIME currency. Can be spent at the Inkwell for prizes!
    Entry into the BROWTOBER RAFFLE!
    (max of x10 tickets total per person!)

    EXTRA: You can gain an additional +1 Inkdrop for submitting your prompt to the Gallery!


Reward Amount
🩸Inkdrop 5
🎃2023 BROWTOBER RAFFLE (Raffle Ticket) 1


🎃BROWTOBER DAY 31: Night of the Wicked
This prompt has ended.