Apology for Site Outage

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Hello everyone! As many of you were aware, we experienced an outage starting on June 6th to June 8th.  Because of this had to do a partial rollback to June 3rd which caused many images to break and for some text to revert back to its default or to be deleted completely. We are currently working on getting all of images and any lost information back onto the website so please be patient with us as we do so. We are aware of many of the affected areas and are in the process of fixing them!
Everything you have done after June 3rd should be unaffected, so any earnings, purchases, trades, transfers, submissions, and edits should have been left untouched. However, if you do notice anything is out of place or missing please contact us so we may have a look at it.

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Apology Gift

We also want to apologize for any inconvenience due to the website being down. We understand that the Wisher's Well was unavailable before and after its weekly reset and because of this some users missed out on their weekly Wisher's Well submission. To make up for this we are offering a temporary gift at Free Gifts of 3 Stargold and 1 Celestial Shard to every user!
To claim the apology gift please go to Free Gifts. This apology gift will be leaving on Tuesday June the 9th at 11:59 PM.
If you are having trouble claiming the free Apology Gift:
Please send in a claim!
Url: A link to screenshot proof of you experiencing the error
Comments: Please state that you experienced the error
Rewards: Please put the apology gift as the rewards
You will be granted the item after it leaves the Free Gifts claim so it may take a few days! You must do so before the gift is no longer available on June 9th 11:59 PM EDT Any claims sent with a send date after that time will not have the  Apology Gift granted to you! Unfortunately there is still an issue with some users being unable to purchase certain items. We are still working on this error so please be patient while we fix it.


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