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Created: 19 September 2023, 02:50:41 EDT
Last updated: 27 November 2023, 20:41:54 EST

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What are companion pets?

Companions are pet or mount species found all over Celestial Seas. They are animals deeply in tune with the natural aura of their surroundings and connect deeply to those who care for them, sometimes taking on similar hues in their coat or learning to conjure small spells.



Companions grant a small amount of bonus stargold when included in certain prompts. You can use 1 companion and 1 mount per prompt.

✦ Common Companion || +1✨ Stargold
✦ Uncommon Companion || +2✨ Stargold
✦ Rare or Unique Companions || +3✨ Stargold
✦ Baby Mount (Companion) || +2✨ Stargold
✦ Full Grown Mount || +3✨ Stargold
Rare or Unique Mount || +4✨ Stargold


They can also be drawn on their own for certain prompts to get set rewards or a loot roll.





★ They can be found all over!

  • Purchase a Shimmering Pet Egg from the Specialty Supply for stargold! It can hatch 1 of 12 different pets.
  • Purchase a premade companion for stargold in the occasional pet shop openings
  • Find eggs from various seasonal loot boxes, event drops, and event shops
  • Craft mount eggs during their corresponding event or season
  • Win a design or egg in a raffle!
  • Sometimes premade designs come with a bonus pet
  • Trade with other players to obtain eggs and pets

★ Designing & Editing

The following info is regarding designs submitted for masterlist display only! Prompt art does not need to be 100% accurate.

★ Common & Uncommon
  • You can downgrade a pet to its common base for free.
  • You can upgrade a common companion to uncommon using an Evorantine as a design update OR pair it with the egg at time of creation.
  • Pet designs must be on their corresponding pet base matching their rarity
  • Check the visual guide for what's allowed of common and uncommon pets

✅ Shading, lighting, and highlights are all optional, you may add your own!
✅ Flat color is also OK
✅ Any colors are OK as long as the lines are still visible, even if subtle
✅ Any markings, glowing areas, glowing eyes, and sparkles are OK
✅ You can flip the companion horizontally
✅ You can add a small tuft of hair on the top of the head
✅ Small accessories are OK and can cover up to 30% of the companion
✅ Expression changes are OK
✅ Stroke outlines are OK
✅ Small chips in horns and light tattering are OK
✅ Amputated limb and prosthetics are OK!
✅ Paintovers are OK as long as the base lines and shapes haven't been altered
✅ Translucency is OK, eyes stay solid. Visible bone/vein insides are optional!
✅ Scale texture, light foliage growth, wood or stone textures for horns, and scars are OK!

❌Please make sure the design has at least 2-3 colors and is not a flat fill.
❌Can't be so translucent that the pet has no color or no form
❌Make sure the base is locked and there is no large color bleed outside the lines
❌Make sure any glow effects are not cut off by the edges of the canvas!
❌No removed parts (other than an amputated limb) and no parts leaking liquid or elemental effects
❌Fur cannot be modified
❌No added on/surrounding elemental effects
❌No added extra eyes, fins, limbs, wings, etc
❌Default parts cannot be modified or removed!
❌No large open wounds

★ Rare Pets
  • You can hatch any pet and pick up to rare rarity using a Cosmic Pet Egg
  • You can upgrade a companion to rare using a Starcandy as a design update OR pair it with the egg at time of creation.
  • You may optionally draw your companion off base
  • You can add and modify some body features!
  • You may use a regular base with modifications or draw them off base with or without modifications.
  • Cannot be used on mounts!

✅ OK to add on extra wings, eyes, tails, tentacles, fins, claws, bug-like extra legs, antenna, spines, mouths, ears
✅ OK to add on extra copies of existing front legs OR arms
✅ OK to alter fur or feather texture, add fur or feathers, and remove fur or feathers
✅ Horns and spikes can be added, removed, and modified
✅ Shapes of large "extras" can be changed (EX: a crabits shell, nim treasures)
✅ Elemental effects can be added

❌Essential base anatomy cannot be changed, meaning you cannot add legs or arms if they do not have them, entirely change body or bone structure, or entirely remove defining features of a pet.

  • Ex: bipedal pets stay bipedal, if a pet has no nose then one can't be added, their body can't be stretched to be way longer than the normal shape, a mouth can't be changed into a beak, and so on!

❌Pets are regular animals. It cannot be made out of non-living material and cannot be made of aspects or elements without a special rare pet trait!

★ SPECIAL Rare Pets
  • You can appy a special rare pet feature using a Starfruit as a design update OR pair it with the egg at time of creation.
  • This will upgrade a pet to rare if they aren't currently rare so you get all the normal rare benefits too
  • This allows you to add +1 of the available special pet features
  • Cannot be used on mounts!
★ Mounts
  • Mounts begin as babies and work the same as an uncommon companion until grown up.
  • They can be grown up to their adult base with a Tiered Bulb Cake.

★ Editing
  • Using a Glass Berry you can completely redo all markings and colors on the same base
  • Using a glass berry on a rare pet allows you to redo the markings and colors, and you may optionally redraw their pose at the same time! Extra features would remain the same.
  • If the edit is a minor tweak (5%-10% difference) you do not need to use an item
  • For rare companions you don't need this item if you are only redrawing their pose and/or tweaking the design a small amount.

★ Submitting

❗ Final size for companion and baby mount images is 450x450px
❗ Final size for grown up mount images is 1000x1000px

Submit through a CLAIM with your pet image linked in the description and any egg or item you are using attached.

  • 1 Companion redeem per claim.
  • Companion queue is separate from normal character queues and does not have a cooldown. Please give 7-14 days for companions to be approved and uploaded.
  • Staff can reject a design for any reason and will give an explanation on how you can adjust the design to be approved. If this happens your items will be returned to you and you may resubmit at any time.
  • Please ensure your design follows the PG-13 guidelines.

★ Other info

❓ Can I sell or trade my pet?

  • Pets obtained through the ARPG, eggs, or raffles cannot be sold for real life currency or vouchered
  • Pets cannot be traded for anything outside Celestial Seas
  • They are considered game items - so they may only be traded for C-S currency, C-S art, C-S items, and C-S designs. The only exception are soulbound pets which are always rehomed with the design they are bound to.

❓ What are "unique pets"?

  • These are pets designed for customs that are unique to that design. Some may come with additional unique egg copies.
  • Unique pets are not currently available, if you have a unique pet it would be labeled on the masterlist!

❓ Can I change my pet to a different pet species?

  • Not yet, but planned!

❓ How do I get pets other than the standard 12 from the shimmering egg?

  • Any pet can be hatched from the Cosmic Egg except mounts
  • Otherwise specific pet eggs for other pets are found seasonally or during events.
  • NO pets or pet eggs are planned to permanently retire, so if you miss an event that gave out an egg it will eventually return!

❓ Can I draw my character with other animals like a dog or cat or a made up creature?

  • Yep, as long as they aren't made to look like unofficial companions!
  • Any "non-canon" species just won't count for a bonus in prompts and can't be used in companion-only prompts.

❓ Can I bind a companion to a character

  • If you own both you can submit a request for this when creating or updating either one OR via a private support ticket and we can bind them for you.
  • This cannot be reversed and will mean that they cannot ever be separated, even if the design is rehomed!
  • Binding is required if you include a companion on your character's masterlist entry.

❓ Anything else?

  • You can commission someone else to design your pet
  • Companion bases are only for use in Celestial Sea for submitting official companion designs. The bases can't otherwise be used for adoptables or sold!