➕ x3 or More Tails

➕ x3 or More Tails (★Mythic)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird

Additional Tail Customization.
Allows 3 or more tails on the design.

🌈 Can be added with a Mythic Trait Potion

✅ Can be applied with any tail style.
✅ Tails do not have to be the same tail style.
✅ Tails do not have to be symmetrical.
✅ With this trait you can have 3 or more tails up to a maximum of 10 tails.

🔸 This trait counts as it's own separate mythic trait and does not stack with a mythic tail.

🔸 You can apply as many copies of the original tail or additional common tails with this trait at no extra cost.

🔸 To apply different tail styles, you will need the specific rarity of that tail. (This trait does not automatically make a tail mythic - you would still need the corresponding traits for the length and style of the base tail.)

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