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🎀Starleaf Cloak

Category: Apparel

Rarity: ★★★

Resale Value: 30 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:
★ Use:
💎Bonus: +2 Celestial shards
  • Can be used with a browbird, painted satyr, or kitbull.
  • Reusable - Attach this to the MULTI USE ITEM section of your prompt.
  • MENTION THIS ITEM in the comments section
  • The character using the item must belong to you
  • Item must be worn or be clearly being used+visible in some way
  • You can only use one apparel item per submission.
★ Appearence:
  • ❗ MUST be made of layers of any type of leaf or flower OR be made of fabric with a plant trim
  • Can be any color
  • Can be short or long
  • Can have minor elemental effects around the edges and on the tips of plants in any color. Element can be glow, fire, frost, liquid, etc.
  • Can have leaves, petals, and/or small ember or sparkle particles flowing off the edges only
  • Hood optional
★ Description
As the weather changes, chill winds call for extra layers. When preserved in the form of a cloak, starwood leaves retain their magic instead of burning out. The first starleaf cloaks were crafted by the finest artisans in the land, but the delicate art of building these magical garments has been passed down from master to apprentice for many years. Now, starleaf cloaks can be found at any harvest festival worth their salt, each imbued with unique enchantments that act as the signature of the maker.
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