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🌟 Glass Berry

Category: Specialty

Resale Value: 5 ✨

 Obtained from:
★ Use:
One time use. Item will be removed from your inventory when used.
This item allows you to recolor a single companion or mount you own.
✦ Info:
✅ Can be used on any common and uncommon companion or mount created officially or as a MYO on an official base.
✅ Allows the design to have the colors shifted to different hues.
❌ Light/dark areas should remain overall the same and the hue should be all that's changed!
❌ Cannot be used on any offbase or unique companions or mounts. This means soulbound offbase companions cannot be recolored.
❌ Cannot change markings or any features of the design, markings should remain identical to the original. If there's glowing or translucent parts to the design it cannot be removed.
All color edits must be made on the same base as the existing companion.
Past iterations of a companion's palette can be reverted to for free so long as they are on the same base.
★ Description
A fruit that tastes more like fruit-flavored candy. The outer shell is transparent like glass showing the swirling rainbow of colors within. They're an ingredient in party beverages that temporarily change the fur color of whoever drinks it. 

Uses: Allows you to recolor a single companion or mount you own.


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