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⚗️ Comet Bulb

Category: Crafting Material


Resale Value: 2 ✨ Stargold

★ Obtained from:
Used to craft certain recipes.
★ Description

A bulb that is known to grow into various types of beautiful and rare flora depending on how it's tended to in its current state. While the plants it can transform into each have their own uses, the bulb itself is handy for  various alchemical recipes and cooking. 

Comet bulbs originated from the stars, and crashed into planets long ago. As time went on, they became burried in soil and each year they will grow into a plant influenced by their surroundings before dying and returning to their bulb state. These bulbs are found by bright glowing marks on the ground that indicate where to dig when searching for these items.

Uses: Used to craft certain recipes.

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