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Created: 19 August 2020, 19:15:43 EDT
Last updated: 6 October 2021, 16:51:38 EDT

event over!

Thank you to all who participated!

The event shop, event crafting, and insignia claim will remain open until Novemeber 19th at 11:59 EST (Server time) after which they will all be departing for the year to return in future events.

1 by Browbird

Letter by Browbird

A letter arrived one day.

No one is quite sure how it was delivered, all they know is that one day they awoke with a letter at their doorstep, in their mailbox, lying on the floor of their ship, or resting by the campfire.

The parchment was handmade, and the words handwritten. An oddity in this age with the ease that platforms like Spacebook and other instant messaging services provide. Things like this are only ever reserved for special occasions.

It was sealed with wax and stamped with a particular symbol... But that was not the weirdest part about it. What stands out most is the signature, each letter was from someone simply referred to as Ink.

One person thought it would be a good idea to attempt to round up as many people with letters as possible and everyone agreed to meet in the destination detailed by a hand drawn map in the bottom corner. Thus adventurers and curious onlookers alike decided to get to the bottom of all this. Coincidentally, the location also happens to be a popular place this time of year so it's likely many were heading there regardless to celebrate the yearly Candleblight holiday...

To Candletown! 

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2 by Browbird
Prompts must be completed in order starting at part 1

Complete 1 prompt from each link below and proceed to the next prompt in order!
If you submit your prompt to DA please add it to the group's event folder!

Prompts can be drawn, written, animation, or comics.
As the event continues, more prompts become available.

Part 1 Prompt Part 2 Prompts Part 3 Prompt
✦ Non-owners can enter!
If you do not have a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr character you can instead use the community characters OR complete the prompts as gift art using the characters of others. You can find those open to gift art here!
✦ Autumn Bonus
All autumn designs available this year and those created in past years grant a bonus to anyone who includes them in a prompt! The autumn bonus grants +1✨ stargold per autumn design included in any drawn prompt even if you don't own them. If an autumn design is used as your focus character for writing, they grant +4✨ stargold. You can find designs with the bonus HERE!
✦ Item loot chance!
Each entry submitted to one of the main prompts has a chance to drop crafting materials, peculiars, and other items! Loot table can vary with the prompt so be sure to check the prompt info.
✦ Autumn trait items
Items that grant specific traits will be given out for completing certain prompts in this event! You will be given a choice between two traits during the second and third prompt.
✦ Autumn Badge
Completing your first prompt entry will grant you the event-exclusive badge to show that you participated.

Sparkle by Browbird136-image.pngSparkle by Browbird


7 by Browbird


  • ✦ Autumn Gift Art Side Quest ✦

    An event-only sidequest is available! Draw autumn-themed gift art to earn a treat bag that can be opened for a crafting material and other items. This sidequest can be completed once per week during the event.


    Autumn Gift Art
  • ✦ Discord Minigames ✦

    We'll be hosting random minigames in discord at random times. Members compete to win treat bags! The exact rules and requirements will be provided for each game as they happen! Anyone can participate, have fun!


    Discord Info 
  • ✦ Discord Roleplay ✦

    The roleplay section of the server has been updated to include new roleplay channels! The new location visited in this event is also available as a permanent addition to roleplay at. Roleplaying helps you level up to earn chat rewards

    Roleplay by Browbird

    Discord Info 
  • ✦ 100% Completion Challenge ✦

    Do all of the following  to be rewarded with 1 Everlit Insignia.
    ✦  Complete all main prompts available for the event (4 total)
    ✦  Complete the autumn gift art side quest at least once
    ✦  Craft 1 item during this event (any, does not have to be event related)


    How to Claim
    To claim your insignia please submit a claim, for the URL write "Autumn Event Complete"
    Include the following information in the claim:
    ✦ link to all 4 approved prompt submissions
    ✦ link to autumn gift art submission
    ✦ link to crafting approval

    you can find approved submissions here! If you click 'details' that page will be a direct link to your onsite submission. Please use these onsite links to help the approval process go quickly!


3 by Browbird

Crafting Banner by Browbird

Crafting has been updated with a new permanent addition, changes to existing recipes, and some event-only crafting for new and rare items!

A new item has been added to crafting for part 3!

If you don't yet have crafting unlocked you can unlock it by first completing all 3 crafting quests on at least one character you own! 
Crafting quests will still be available after the event, but some crafting recipes exclusive to the event may be leaving once the event concludes.

Crafting Quests   Crafting Station


6 by Browbird

The event merchant is now stocking items for the fall season, with some being newly added this year and others returning items from previous autumn events. These items will only be available for the duration of the event so don't miss out!


Event Merchant


4 by Browbird


A mysterious fellow has been roaming around and snuck after the group as they departed for their adventure into the unknown. If you give them a piece of stargold, they'll give you a piece of candy that they store in their glass tummy. No one is quite sure how they get the candy out.

This character cannot be used in prompts until they have an owner!

Candybull Resize by Browbird

To enter this raffle you must have your DA linked to your account AND submit a valid entry to prompt 1!  Entering into this raffle is completely optional! Please link the onsite page of your approvals, you can find them here

Please remember that raffle designs are created for free to be given away for free they cannot be traded or sold if you win, they can only be gifted to another user or returned to staff to be raffled again if you decide you no longer want them!

If you won the previous Corrin-made design you cannot enter for this one.

Enter Here

Some of the inky creatures found around the city are looking for a home. Certain vistors may find themself with a plus one on their way back home once the festival is over...

Goop by Browbird
Companion1 by BrowbirdCompanion3 by BrowbirdCompanion2 by Browbird
To enter this raffle you must have your DA linked to your account AND submit a valid entry to prompt 3!  Entering into this raffle is completely optional! Please link the onsite page of your approvals, you can find them here

Companion and mount designs cannot be sold for real life currency or traded for anything unrelated to Celestial Seas.

If you win the above kitbull raffle (which will be rolled first) your name will be removed from this raffle!
You can only win one companion! Winners are random.

Enter Here


Sparkle by Browbird

Event Credits:
Event Planning/Organization - Corrin, Ares
Scenario + Writing  - regalmanatea, Spike, Ares, Corrin
Item Art, Banners, NPC Design - Corrin
Event Management - Pep, Toy, acember, regalmanatea


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