19 January 2021 (2 years ago)

Hey there! Welcome to my little side of the Celestial Seas!

My name is MorganoTheGreat, but I go by many names; Morg or Morgano, just to name a few. I'm currently right around the corner from graduating university (as of writing this), so I'm not too active here as of yet. I have quite a passion for science and I often find myself rambling about any knowledge that tends to pop in my head. To spare you from that, I also like to discuss anything fantastical or horror-themed, and I looove monster people.

Nonetheless, don't be a stranger! I'm always open to chat about characters and plenty of other topics, so feel free to stop by for a bit! It's nice to meet ya'.

60 ✨ Stargold
66 💎 Celestial Shard
1 ☄️ Celestial Ticket
⚗️Spice Syrup
⚗️Spice Syrup
⚗️ Chthonic Clover
⚗️ Starry Seawater

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