HoWM: Part 2.5

Created: 9 September 2021, 22:52:46 EDT
Last updated: 7 November 2021, 22:14:36 EST

Sparkle by BrowbirdPart 2.5Sparkle by Browbird


The limbs - there seem to be six arms in total - finally had enough fun poking and miming at the adventurers after a while. They head further to the edge of the cemetery, gesturing for the group to come forward.

Grasping cameras tight, a snapshot is taken as the arms all form into the shape of an arrow. They are pointing towards… a gate! The fog lets up enough for that to be clear and the faint silhouette of the ghost possessing all the limbs.

Sparkle by BrowbirdEndehark

Talking Expressions Endehark by Browbird

"Well… I believe that's our cue to head into the murk."


The path of the cemetery fades as the group walks further onward. Thicker groves of trees and foliage surround them. Just as the darkness closes further in, Endehark stops, pointing at something they stepped in.

Sparkle by BrowbirdEndehark

Pleased Expressions Endehark by Browbird

"Goo. Ghosty goo. Keep your eyes open!"


Intrigued by the odd glowing substance stuck to the ground and surrounding foliage, the group presses forward, the goo acting as a faint source of light as they continue to their next destination. Everyone's eyes are peeled for the source of this strange substance...

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