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The hiros stood before the dark pit of the inkwell, her facial wings pulled back so that she could gaze down into it. Upon it’s inky surface she could see herself in all her pale moonlit radiance. But looking upon it and seeing herself it did not feel… right. She felt almost as if she was looking upon a stranger, but perhaps that was only because she had been in slumber for so long that she had forgotten what she looked like. Or maybe it was because the inkwell had been playing many tricks upon the souls of celestial seas this evening.


There was almost a dull temptation from the dark pool, coaxing and beckoning her into it’s depths. She did not budge however, instead narrowing her eyes at it. She knew this magic well, it was dark and twisted, born of the abyss and all it’s god’s despicable charm. If you could even call it charm. The source of her origin had warned her of such darkness in the time they had spent together, and in all her years of life she had plenty of experiences with the void and the abyss. For once her usually placid expression turned to scowl.


At that it seemed her reflection began to morph and swirl, contorting into something long lost but that she knew all too well. Was the abyss mocking her in this moment? With that face? That form displayed before her. There was a garbled noise from the pit that mocked a melodic tone and offered her more coaxing encouragement. But the perversion of her parent’s image before her only twisted her grief stricken heart and earned the pit more of her scorn. In an aggressive display, she flayed her wings and tail, casting her hand down towards the pool and snarling at it in a long dead tongue. 


It was nothing more than directing verbal scorn upon the pool, ultimately harmless but showed her contempt completely. With that she turned on her heel, stalking away into the forest and away from the accursed pool that dare torment her so.

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