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Curse - Avoine {270 Words}

As the days dragged on, he could feel his body getting weaker and weaker. Despite his bulky muscular form there no longer laid much strength within it. Not enough energy to carry forth the power he once had. The dark markings that were slowly consuming his body seemed to claim more of him day by day, and he knew that it would not be long now before the curse fully claimed him. He had made a great effort to fend it off from the days of his youth, but attempts to minimize or slow the curse had begun to become more burdensome then helpful... Consuming him more than healing him. 


His wife was making an earnest effort to heal him herself with her magic, but it worried him greatly. Every ounce of magic she seemed to use only strained her more and more, leaving her weak and exhausted... Sleeping for days on end without stir. Avoine could not bare to see her weak and struggling, his sweet Minerva. She was not even a painted satyr... What if attempting to tend to his curse killed her? There would not be anything he could do to bring her back... Besides' making her one. It filled him with turmoil.


There was a distinct feeling of dread that came over him when he thought about it too in depth. What would happen when the curse fully consumed him? He hoped death, it would be a welcome relief from the fatigue at this point. But he had heard whispers of what it could do to him... He supposed only time would tell at this point.


Full Moon - Vivian {258 Words}

It was one of those nights in Candle town. The autumn season brought in many a tourist coming to partake in the annual celebrations honoring the towns past. This night was no different then the last, the streets populated with residents who were friends, maybe even family and strangers alike. However a particular thing of note on this fine evening was the bright shining moon in the sky. It was full, and bathing the down in such a crisp yet gentle lighting. The full moon seemed to be drawing out more festival goers then usual and the streets were extra populated.


These were all observations from Vivian of course! She had been out in her backyard, standing on a stool to put her clothes up on a line to dry. While doing this she peaked over the fence with her heightened view to watch the tourists, occasionally waving at the passing by neighbors and other residents of the town that she spotted through the crowds. The moon and it's full nature really seemed to draw the awe out of the festival goers, which was very amusing to Vivian since it was... Well! Just a full moon! But perhaps they knew that Candle Town inhabitants were especially superstitious and had plenty of stories to tell.


It made her giggle a bit and shake her head as she pinned a skirt up upon the tree. She had no urge to rain on the visitors parades, she was too busy basking in the comforting moonlight herself to pay them much line.


Homemade - Theia {270 Words}

Theia was sitting on the porch of her house, in a fine old rocking chair and moving gently back and forth. In her hands were two knitting needles with yarn woven between them and a fine blanket resting across her lap. Her eyes were slowly drifting across the busy paths that weaved through the town laid out before her. Visitors coming in from the iconic autumn Candle Town celebrations peppered the streets and small vending shops out and about.


For once she was not out selling anything. Normally she would be out at the festival with her stand set up and selling her home made blankets, sweaters, and more. But for tonight she just did not feel up to it, so she simply rocked herself in her chair while knitting away and resting herself. The visitors could be a bit overbearing at time- almost always respectful but you know... overwhelming. 


She wondered how her friends and fellow town residents were doing though. She knew that the candle maker was probably making wonderful amounts of sales as she always did, and part of her wondered if Vivian was out selling some of her special pastries at the festival center or if she too was home going about her life like it was any normal kind of day. Theia smiled a bit to herself, then grimaced and began to look around again. It was almost too peaceful... It made her narrow her eyes and give a good look around. No.. He wasn't here, hopefully the little trickster that hung around the candle maker was too busy bothering tourists to cause any problems.


The Abyss - Silas {268 Words}

When Silas' eyes finally opened he found himself in a pitch black space, devoid of any features or details. It was nothing but a deep dark abyss... Perhaps it had not been the best idea for the old feyblood to wander into a giant circular pit in the forest, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him due to all the people he had seen nosing around. There was a certain aura that felt as if it was calling to him, so he felt obligated to indulge and venture forth. He was the child of a fey after all, and the call of magic was one he knew to follow without caution.


Though perhaps that was not the best practice given how dangerous magic could be... Now he was here, unsure of just where here was and floating in a listless space of darkness. It felt... like being surrounded in a warm gel tube will pulsating liquid brushing across his body. It was... suffocating, in a comforting kind of way, though it did make Silas grit his teeth from behind his nonexistent mouth. The only light that existed in the darkness of this abyssal void was that of which was coming from his glowing markings and eyes.


The light however only illuminated more black darkness. Perhaps against his better judgement, Silas began to swim deeper into the abyss, finding it harder and harder to breath as he went... Though none of this seemed to bother him. Surely he'd find the source at some point... Or perhaps a way out that was not the way he came in.


Liminal Space - Saber {271 Words}

Saber had... No idea where the hell he was. At one point he was chasing a bounty so that he could get their reward and the next he found himself in well... He had no idea. It was all a gross yellowish beige color with hallways that seemed to span forever with several wild twists and turns. Over head were bright florescent lights that did nothing but disperse a dull buzzing. The only other thing he found of note was a desaturated puke-esk green carpet flooring. There was also the odd occasional door that rarely peppered the walls but opening them revealed nothing but like... the wall. 


To say that Saber was confused was a gross understatement. He was horrified frankly, and had already spent several hours running down the halls and looking for a way out of there weird ass place. At some points he tried to remember how he even got here but it really was a blink and he was here situation. All he could vaguely remember was a door being slammed directly in his face and that was about it. So.... wild. Maybe this was some kind of weird dreamscape? He had no idea.


Saber could not even say that he had been in weirder places before because he literally had not.... Surely there had to be a way out though! If he got here he could get out right?! So that's what Saber did for hours, running through the liminal space and checking every corner and every door... He'd get out eventually but much like how he entered, he had no idea how he got out.


Downpour - Nour {251 Words}

The monastery was normal a very bright and sunny place that lined the coast with vibrant greenery and pale buildings. But this was one of those odd days were it was dark and rain was flooding down in a downpour. Storms were not exactly uncommon but one of this capacity was not what Nour was anticipating on this very day. She had planned to take her nets out to the cove and catch from fish for her people but now given the dangers of a sea during such a heavy storm it did not seem like as great of an idea.


Though Nour found herself in a rather awkward place, standing below an over hanging rock to shield her from the rain. It was so thick that she was sure if she stepped out she would become soaked immediately. She was not covered in as much fur as most painted satyrs given that she had a lot of patches but... well.. Her wings. They got dreadfully heavy when wet and were an absolute pain to dry with the moisture that came from the coastal air.


So she stood there for a while, grimacing and waiting for the rain to lighten up... Though eventually she would sigh and slowly sit down on the grass. Slowly as time passed and the rain continued to pour she would lean back against the rock and close her eyes, napping through the rest of the storm until she was able to return back to her home.


Shattered - Brow-444 {293 Words}

A deep gutting pain ripped through her chest down into the very essence of her being. It felt like it was burning.... and throbbing... Any different kind of pain it all felt like. At the core of it all it felt like she had lost a piece of herself, an important piece that she was not completely sure of. It was not fading either, and her hands quickly found her chest where it gripped at her fur and began to tug. The air was leaving her lungs, filling her with a desperate to breath but not being able to by any means.


Unbeknownst to her that at this time a true travesty was occurring just out of her sight. Above her head where the majesty of her crest was located is where the real damage was being done. Silent cracks had begun to sneak across it's pristine surface before full chunks began to break free and float away from it's source. Each little piece began to disintegrate and fade into nothingness. With each piece gone she began to feel more pain, more sickness. When she finally jerked her head back to gasp for air she spotted the escaping pieces of her soul. It made her eyes grow wide, and a grief stricken scream to erupt from her.


In an instant her hands shot up from her chest, palms blooming with fierce astral magic billowing from the tips of her fingers. She grasped at the fracturing chunks, trapping and saving the pieces of her crest from being lost to the aether. She quickly grasped the pieces of her shattering crest to her chest, breaking into sobs as she became desperate for a way to maintain the pieces of her soul staying by her side.


Mask - Iniko {257 Words}

Iniko was born with a broken mask, blighted by the terror his mother had felt from the twisting nightmare-scape that had plagued her dreamscape during her eternal slumber. It had taken the place of where a second eye would have been, but it never seemed to bother him. He loved his mother dearly so he could never blame her. She was scared, how could she not have been? Trapped in the prison of her dreams and terrorized by the foolish entering through nightmares and plaguing her realm. And for what? To be nosey? He couldn't say, but it was those who entered who he directed his scorn too.


It was not even about his mask and it's blighted state, just his mother. His gentle and loving mother who tended to him so earnestly and with so much care despite being born in a time of her worst experiences. How she would run her fingers through his hair and tell him how beautiful the vibrant colors were that were jutting out of the cavity of his face. Speak to him with such gentleness that made her beauty and grace shine brighter than the moon. Iniko would do anything to protect her no matter what the cost. The damage to his mask did not matter, if it cracked, if it got more broken, hell even if he lost it all together it would not matter.


No matter what happened to him, his essence, his face, it meant little to him in the wake of the safety of his mother.

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Prompts used;
- Curse
- Full Moon
- Home Made
- The Abyss
- Liminal Space
- Downpour
- Shattered
- Mask

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