Standard Ears (Default)

Category: Default Anatomy

Does not need to be included as a trait on the masterlist.

➕ Can be applied to any browbird or painted satyr

Trait: Default ears. Can stick up and down, twitch, and emote!
Size: Can be up to 1.5x head height

✅ Can be asymmetrical
✅ Can be droopy and lop ears
✅ Can be placed on the side of the head, or closer to the top to mimic cat ears
✅ Can have long or short fur
✅ Inside can be fluffy or hairless
✅ Can have piercings
✅ Can be lightly tattered
✅ You aren't limited to the examples! As long as the ears have fur on the outside and end in a point or rounded point they are OK!

❌ Cannot have multiple ears
❌ Cannot be entirely hairless
❌ Cannot be rounded human, elephant, or mouse ears. (Lion-like is okay!)

Standard Ears by Browbird

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