Simple Branch Horns

Simple Branch Horns (Common)

Category: Horns
Species: Painted Satyr

✅ This trait can be applied for free to newly created designs.
If you would like to add this trait to an existing design that does not have it you can use 1 Appearance Change at the Salon.

Trait: Common satyr horns.
Size: Common horns can be anywhere from small nubs up to roughly 1.5x head height.

✅ Can be hornless
✅ Can have up to 1 set of horns
✅ Can have 1-5 Branches
✅ Can be asymmetrical - Asymmetrical horns can have up to 5 branches on each side of the head
✅ Can have soft, rounded branches or square branches
✅ Can have broken, snapped off, cropped, or missing horns. Broken horns can grow flora!

❌ Cannot grow from areas outside the top/upper sides of the head.
❌ Only 1 maximum horn can be placed on each side of the head.

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