Odd Mask

Odd Mask (Uncommon)

Category: Mask
Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 This trait can be applied to newly created designs with an Uncommon Trait Potion.
✅ If you would like to add mask features corresponding to your satyr's mask material you can do so at the salon with 1 appearance change.

Trait: Uncommon mask materials. Masks created from less conventional substances.

✅ A fully uncommon mask only has one material
✅ Masks can be any color and have markings
✅ Choosing a mask requires you fill 1 aspect spot with the mask's associated aspect, you will still have 1 open aspect slot. Masks associated with an uncommon essentially get the uncommon aspect as a free bonus!
✅ Facial hair and thick fluffy eyebrows are okay, but should clearly be separate from the mask!
✅ Their bones often match their mask material, but will be much sturdier and are naturally reinforced through magic

❌ For an uncommon mask to be approved the design must have at least one free mask trait from the mask's list.

Mask material cannot be changed once chosen.

Non listed materials are categorized by whatever it most closely resembles!


  • Metal Mask

    Wood by Browbird

    Metal2 by Browbird
    Examples of the possible metal tones.

    ★ Required Aspect:

    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Metallic -- The mask must be entirely metal or have metal markings, or the body can have metallic markings. This can cover up to 20% of the design total.

    ➕ Metallic Patches
    -- The horns, tail, and other patch areas can have a metallic sheen. They still retain their stripes.

    ➕ Metallic Flora -- Flora can be metallic or have metallic markings.

    ★ About
    Various types of metals are made into masks from time to time. They are often created only for especially important rituals due to the extra difficulty involved with mining and forging them them. A mask like this may signify a satyr with confidence.


  • Ice Mask

    Wood by Browbird

    ★ Required Aspect:

    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Icicles-- Small icicles can grow from the horns, tail, and/or flora. They should not be much larger or have more coverage than the example.

    ➕ Frosted -- Small amounts of frost form on the flora, shoulders, hair, horns, and/or tail. It should not cover more than 20% of the design.

    ★ About
    Satyr with ice masks come from places in the coldest reaches of worlds and can withstand extreme tempuratures without much issue. However the tradeoff is that they have a more difficult time growing a lot of flora. Many may assume these satyr would be cold and uncaring, but they're nice when you get to know them!
  • Ivory Mask

    Wood by Browbird

    Bone2 by Browbird

    Examples of chompers!

    ★ Required Aspect:

    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Chompers -- The satyr has a jagged mouth with front teeth as part of the mask rather than inside the mouth. The teeth can be fairly long and can be optionally snapped off! Whether or not the satyr still has other teeth inside the mouth can vary.

    ★ About
    Mask carved from simple, smooth ivory signified by the teeth being incorperated into the mask. They're able to easily bite through bone! Those with this mask may grow to be the type who comes off as intimidating to those around them. But they're not as scary as they seem!
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