Myth Mask

Myth Mask (Mythic)

Category: Mask
Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 This trait can be applied to newly created designs with a Mythic Trait Potion.
✅ If you would like to add mask features corresponding to your satyr's mask material you can do so at the salon with 1 appearance change.

Trait: Mythic mask materials.

✅ When creating a mythic mask you can choose up to three materials of mythic or lower rarity. Extra material cannot be added to existing designs with rare masks. These are called "split masks" and their purpose is to allow multiple free mask traits. 
✅ Masks can be any color and have markings
✅ Choosing a mask material requires you fill an aspect slot with the material. If you choose to have a 3-way split mask it is considered mythic. You must have 1 aspect from each material and will get the third aspect slot for free if 3 different aspects are needed.
✅ Facial hair and thick fluffy eyebrows are okay, but should clearly be separate from the mask!
✅ Their bones often match their mask material, but will be much sturdier and are naturally reinforced through magic

❌ For a mythic mask to be approved the design must have at least one free mask trait from the mask's list.

Mask material cannot be changed once chosen.

Non listed materials are categorized by whatever it most closely resembles!

More mythic materials may be added in the future!


  • Blight Mask

    Blight by Browbird


    ★ Required Aspect:
    (Choose one)

    None yet!
    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Dead Flora -- Flora that is dull in color with many holes that often falls away from the design.

    ➕ Blighted
    -- The horns and tail have small holes as if they were rotting around the edges.

    ➕ Partially Missing Mask -- Up to 30% of the mask can be missing. This can be localized to one area or spread out over the mask. It must resemble some kind of rot or a clear break like shown. Sometimes part of the satyr's soul can seep from the break, the exact nature of this depends on the design's existing traits/aspect and should make sense! 

    ★ About
    Something went wrong...
    Masks created from blighted wood or a cursed item are often accidental, but it does not change the difficulty one may face when dealing with such a curse.

Partially missing and broken masks can take on many variants with the blight mask trait. Below are some examples of what can be done with the trait! Keep in mind that the exact nature of what's under the mask depends greatly on existing traits and/or aspects. Fire wouldn't leak from a broken mask without the fire aspect, if one has aura breath that would seep from the breaks, having multiple eyes may carry over to what's under a broken mask, and one with glowing markings may find under their mask glows as well once revealed.

The maximum coverage of breaks/missing parts is up to 30% of the mask. The max area is shown below!

Below also shows the maximum "length" the more flowy versions of this trait can be. If there's not a particle effect like fire, the trait would not extend past the head at all nor would it closely mimic another trait the design does not have, such as forming 'horns' made of gemstone, in the case of gemstone masks, or allowing the hair to be partially made of fire if one has that aspect. Be sure to keep it localized to just the mask area!

Please keep in mind this trait is somewhat of a work in progress and may change further with new rules in the future as it's used for more designs!

Broken Mask by Browbird


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