Magical Mask

Magical Mask (★Rare)

Category: Mask
Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 This trait can be applied to newly created designs with a Rare Trait Potion.

✅ If you would like to add mask features corresponding to your satyr's mask material you can do so at the salon with 1 appearance change.

Trait: Rare mask materials. These masks are created from materials with magical properties. 

✅ When creating a rare mask you can choose up to two materials of rare or lower rarity. Extra material cannot be added to existing designs with rare masks. These are called "split masks" and their purpose is to allow multiple free mask traits. 
✅ Masks can be any color and have markings
✅ Choosing a mask requires you fill 1 aspect spot with the mask's associated aspect, you will still have 1 open aspect slot. Choosing two materials grants you one aspect from each material, which you are required to pick. You are given these aspects for free!
✅ Facial hair and thick fluffy eyebrows are okay, but should clearly be separate from the mask!
✅ Their bones often match their mask material, but will be much sturdier and are naturally reinforced through magic

❌ For a rare mask to be approved the design must have at least one free mask trait from the mask's list.

Mask material cannot be changed once chosen.

Non listed materials are categorized by whatever it most closely resembles!


  • Meteor Mask



    ★ Required Aspect:
    (Choose one)

    Shadow            Metal
      Fire                Arcane
    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Comet -- The edges of the mask have long curved spines that flow back over the head. They should not be much bigger than shown.

    ➕ Singed
    -- The edges of the mask, tips of the the tail and horns, hair, ears, wings and/or the flora can have small areas that flicker like coals or lightly smoke. Effect should be kept very minimal as to not be mistaken for glowing markings/glowing flora. It must match the aspect you choose. If you choose metal you cannot apply this effect.

    ★ About
    Material salvaged from a meteorite crashed near a satyr settlement. It can be made out of all sorts of things. Those with masks such as this will find themselves longing for adventure and are drawn back towards the stars.  


  • Prism Mask

    Prism Mask

    ★ Required Aspect:

    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Low-poly Mask-- The mask takes on a strange, low-poly look similar to a perfectly cut stone.

    ➕ Translucency -- The horns, tail, and/or flora can be see-through. The stripes still remain in tact.

    ★ About
    Enchanted prisms are often used in illusion spells due to their ability to bend light in odd ways making them good catalysts for tricky spells. Masks made from such a material are few and far between but it's always obvious when there's a prism satyr around. They're seen as secretive types who take time to open up.


  • Gemstone Mask


    ★ Required Aspect:

    ★ Free Traits:
    You must choose at least one of these features.

    ➕ Facet -- A crystal mask resembling a more rough gemstone that can shine in many facet colors. It can have very small crystal growths at the edges like shown.

    ➕ Crystal Veins -- Allows small veins of crystal over the body, horns, tail, and/or patches.

    ➕ Crystal Flora -- Allows the flora to be made of crystal.

    ★ About

Rare masks can have up to two materials, these are called "split masks". This opens the door to many combinations when creating new designs! You are able to have features from both mask materials, and even combine them in some cases. A good example would be creating crystalwood, which wood with crystal veins running through it. Keep in mind that the combinations allowed by a split mask are never more than the sum of their parts. Entirely new and unlisted effects aren't created from this!

Using a split mask requires that you pick one aspect from each material, you do not need any additional items/traits to apply these aspects as they are included for free alongside the mask materials you chose!

Split Mask


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