Feylord Horns

Feylord Horns (Feyblood)

Category: Horns
Species: Painted Satyr (Feyblood subtype)

🌈 Can be applied with a [item not yet available].

Trait: Feyblood Satyr Horns. They're mainly unicorn or crown styled horns.
Size: Can be up to 3x head height.

✅ Can have 1+ horns at the center of the head and top of the head.
✅  Can have a crown of horns that partially or fully encircle the head with a unicorn horn at the center
✅ No branch limit!
✅ Can be asymmetrical - Asymmetrical horns can have up to 20 branches on each side of the head
✅ Can have soft, rounded branches or square branches
✅ Can have broken, snapped off, cropped, or missing horns. Broken horns can grow flora!
✅ Horns can connect and create closed loops

❌ Cannot grow from areas outside the top/upper sides of the head.


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