Empty Slot (Default)

Category: Aspect

This is an empty aspect slot. An empty aspect slot can be filled by a single Common Aspect for free. Please submit a design update to do so.

When submitting a MYO design for a browbird or painted satyr you must choose at least 1 aspect. Both aspects cannot be empty. The aspects for a painted satyr must match their mask material(s).

If you do not know which aspect you want for your browbird's or painted satyr's second aspect (if applicable) you can leave it blank for later. Please add this "Blank Aspect" to the trait list when submitting to signify a an empty aspect slot.

You cannot remove an aspect, change an aspect, or revert it to an empty aspect slot once chosen. So pick carefully!

You can also use the following items to fill the slot:

You can add an extra empty aspect slot to any browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr using an Universe Page

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