Bone Tail (Revenant)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird (Revenant subtype)

Revenant tail style.
These are tails with exposed bone or tails that are entirely made of bone.

🔸 Adding this trait requires the browbird to be a revenant and requires the use of one revenant trait.

🔸 This trait replaces the current tail and rarity if applied, it is not an additional tail trait.

✅ This tail can be up to 2x the character's body length.

✅ The tail can have fur and patchy flesh hanging from it

✅ This tail can resemble any other tail, but made of bone

✅ Spines and ridges can be added freely to a bone tail

✅ The tail tip can be any shape

✅ The bones of the tail can float apart from each other and do not need to be connected

🌀 Hybrid Variant: When a hiros becomes a revenant, their tail wings can also become bone wings. 


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