Bone (Uncommon)

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Bone Tail (Revenant)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird (Revenant subtype)

Revenant tail style.
These are tails with exposed bone or tails that are entirely made of bone.

🔸 Adding this trait requires the browbird to be a revenant and requires the use of one revenant trait.

🔸 This trait replaces the current tail and rarity if applied, it is not an additional tail trait.

✅ This tail can be up to 2x the character's body length.
✅ The tail can have fur and patchy flesh hanging from it.
✅ This tail can resemble any other tail, but made of bone.
✅ Spines and ridges can be added freely to a bone tail.
✅ The tail tip can be any shape.
✅ The bones of the tail can float apart from each other and do not need to be connected.

🌀 Hybrid Variant: When a hiros becomes a revenant, their tail wings can also become bone wings. 


⚡ Exposed Bone (Revenant)

Species: Browbird (Revenant subtype)

Allows patches of bone and muscle to be exposed on a revenant browbird.

Exposed bone area on the body should not cover more than 50% of the design excluding the tail.

Areas this trait can be placed: Arms, legs, main body, parts of the face

🌀 Hybrid Trait: Hiros revenants may have bone wings.

🌀 Hybrid Trait: Exposed bone areas can be affected by an ancient's aspect mastery. Such as fire blazing from an open chest, bones made of crystal, or a skeletal arm encased in ice. 

When revenants are brought back to life, they have to be mostly in tact. However, as they were previously corpses there are sometimes areas of rot or decay that remain. They are permanently in this state, and if wounded they will regenerate back to it every time, leaving them with permanently open wounds or exposed bone. 


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