Mythic Horns

Mythic Horns (★Mythic)

Category: Horns
Species: Browbird


Trait: Large, very elaborate, or many multiple horns
Size: Up to 3x head height
NOTE: Examples may be outdated!

✅ Check examples for maximum thickness
✅ Up to 12 branches
✅ Up to 12 TOTAL horns placed on the head
✅ Can be placed on the top, side, or back of the head
✅ Stacks with horn modifers like rosethorn, horn engravings, etc

❌ Cannot be linked "halo" horns or a disks
❌ Cannot grow over or obstruct the face or eyes
❌ Cannot replace hair, eyebrows, etc
❌ Replaces base horn style, doesn't stack with other horn styles

Hiros Myhic Halo Horns

Hiros Myhic Halo Horns (★Mythic)

Category: Horns
Species: Browbird (Hiros / Half-Hiros subtype)
❗ This trait is restricted to hiros/half-hiros subtype browirds only!

🌈 Can be applied using a [item here].




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