🔮 Wish Needle

🔮 Wish Needle (★Special)

Category: Peculiar
Species: Kitbull

🌈 1 Trait from the list can be added to a kitbull by using the Wish Needle item.

★ When creating or editing a character with this trait:
✦ If the trait was applied using the item it cannot be swapped to another trait from the same peculiar
✦ Editing coverage and size is a free change when doing a design update
✦ Editing the style the trait presents itself costs an Appearance Change.
✦ If the design was created/purchased with this trait without use of an item it can be swapped to a different trait from the Magical Sluggy list using an Appearance Change.
✦ Each trait from the list counts as 1 peculiar trait, to apply multiple traits from the list will require access to multiple items or multiple peculiar traits.

★ Plush Body

Trait: Like a plushie come to life!
Size: Affects up to 100% of the body

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!


  • Body thread stitching
  • Stuffing or dry straw insides
  • Sewn-on patches of fabric
  • Body and/or hair + fur made of fabric material

✅ Can extend to other physical traits except for eyes and anything made of elements or other objects like glass. EX: Could affect wings, horns, etc.
✅ Straw or stuffing insides can poke througth any small wounds and stitching in very light amounts. To have larger openings use hollow or shattered peculiar that make larger body holes/breaks/missing portions.
✅ Straw or stuffing insides can be replaced or affected by elemental traits. EX: an ink inside could leak from stitches in small amounts instead, or the straw could have smoking tips with the fire elemental trait.
✅ Stitches can have short knots, bows, beads, hanging portions etc
✅ Can be paired with sphinx for a sewn together flesh body

❌ Stitching should be clear seams, not stitch-shaped scars/piercings/etc
❌ Does not alter base anatomy
❌ Other objects cannot be attached to the character with stitching. EX: clothing can't be sewn on



★ Button Eyes

Trait: Replaces the eyes with buttons
Size: Only affects eyes, cannot be larger than the kitbull's standard eyes

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!

✅ Can affect one eye or both
✅ Can affect any additional eyes on the body if they are a similar size to the main set of eyes
✅ Can be any type of 'doll' or 'clothing' style button
✅ Thread/stitching optional
✅ Buttons do not need to match each other
✅ Can have any color and pattern
✅ Can be affected by elemental traits

🔸 It is up to you if your kitbull can still see or not!

❌ If covering all eyes it may remove other eye traits such as odd eyes. Button eyes are not affected by other eye traits.


Trait: Adds a fur hood and/or pouch OR hoodie pocket to the body to help the kitbull. KITBULL AND LONGBULL ONLY.
Size: Can only be applied to body. Size should be close to example!

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!

✅ Can add a hoodie pocket/pouch, a fur hood, or both
✅ Hood can have optional ear holes
✅ LONGBULL ONLY: Can have multiple small pockets along the main body and tail. This variant also translates over to the standard form.
✅ Small mundane objects of any kind can be kept in the pockets. Objects should not mimic traits the character does not have! Ie: elemental objects, small critters

🔸 This trait is part of the body and is is not removeable IC

❌ To have buttons, stitches, fabric texture etc on the pockets you'll also need those traits!
❌ Cannot be applied to trubulls


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