🔮 Dragon's Tongue (Peculiar)

Category: Peculiar
Species: Kitbull

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

🌈 1 Trait from the list can be added to a kitbull by using the Dragon's Tongue item.

★ When creating or editing a character with this trait:
✦ If the trait was applied using the item it cannot be swapped to another trait from the same peculiar
✦ Editing coverage and size is a free change when doing a design update
✦ Editing the style the trait presents itself costs an Appearance Change.
✦ If the design was created/purchased with this trait without use of an item it can be swapped to a different trait from the Dragon's Tongue list using an Appearance Change.
✦ Each trait from the list counts as 1 peculiar trait, to apply multiple traits from the list will require access to multiple items or multiple peculiar traits.

The "REQUIRES" section states a prerequisite aspect needed to apply the trait. Please make sure your character already has the corresponding aspect OR that the character has an empty aspect slot when submitting your design if the trait requires a common aspect!

★ draconic Blessing

Trait: Adds one set of draconic or batlike wings anywhere on the design
Size: Up to 100% body length per wing

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!

✅ Can be placed anywhere on the body, head, limbs, or tail
✅ Application can be asymmetrical

❌ Does NOT add a large set of back wings. This trait is only for additional wings! For a single set of bat wings on the back use the wings mutation instead.
❌ Only one set of wings is added per use of the item
❌ Does not replace any features, only adds a new set of wings
❌ Should not be thorned/spined without the spines mutation
❌ Should not be scaled without the scale peculiar

★ Scales

Trait: Adds scales or scale plating to the kitbull's body
Size: Up to 100% body coverage (including tail)

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!

✅ Can have a light sheen
✅ Can be any size and shape of scale and applied to any area on the kitbull
✅ Can be raised slightly where overlapping with other scales but should not resemble spikes!

❌ Should not have spikes or spines without the spines mutation
❌ Cannot be a different material or reflective/metallic by default
❌ Should clearly resemble scales and not feathers or bone
❌ Cannot be applied to limbs to resemble bird-like feet/talons
❌ Should not make the kitbull appear entirely hairless without the sphinx mutation, any areas not covered with scales should still have fur by default

★ Wyvern

Trait: Replaces part of the body with dragon wings
Size: Up to 150% body length per wing

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!

✅ Replaces one of these areas per use of the trait: arm(s), leg(s), ear(s)
✅ Can also be used to make hybrid wing arms instead!
✅ Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Can affect all applicable areas of your area of choice (such as all arms in the case of multiple limbs) or just one set.

❌ Only one option can be replaced per application of the trait
❌ Does not add new wings, only replaces existing features
❌ If applied to all ears this trait will replace the odd ears trait
❌ If used to add all removed limbs back to the design it will overwrite the missing limb trai

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