🎃 Autumn Bonus 🎃 (Special)

Category: Perk

Granted to all designs obtained from autumn EVENT SALES, or from the use of an Everlit Insignia.

🎃 If this character is included in ANY "standard payouts" prompt during the autumn season (September 1st - November 30th) they will grant a bonus! This bonus does not count towards any FIXED PAYOUT prompts like Wisher's Well or Celestial Seas Creations.

❗ YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN THE CHARACTER TO GAIN THE SEASONAL BONUS! It counts for any additional characters.

🎃 Visual Art Entries: +1 SG per 25%+ showing, colored drawing of the character. Counts for focus character, extra drawings of the focus character, and any additional characters with the bonus. You can gain a max of +6 SG this way.

🎃 Written Entries: +1 SG per 300 words. For the bonus to apply, the character with the bonus must meet ONE of these requirements:
✅ The story must be about or from the perspective of the character with the bonus.
✅ The character with the bonus must be in a major scene or have heavy involvement in at least one section, even if it's not throughout the entire work.
✅ The focus character interacts with the character who has the bonus multiple times across the entire work.
❌ If the character is only mentioned once or twice, or only has a couple sentences about them, they likely won't count! Please be fair about bonus inclusion and use your best judgement.
❌ Written seasonal bonus doesn't count per words written about the seasonal character specifically, only the whole wordcount. As long as you meet one of the requirements you're good!

You can earn up to +6 SG for writing this way
• +1 SG 300 words
• +2 SG 600 words
• +3 SG 900 words
• +4 SG 1200 words
• +5 SG 1500 words
• +6 SG 1800 words (MAX BONUS)

Please include in the comments which character grants the seasonal bonus + a mention of their involvement for writing.

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