➕ x2 Tails

➕ x2 Tails (Rare)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird

Additional Tail Customization.
Adds a second tail onto the design.

☑️ If your existing browbird design has a rare or mythic tail this trait can be added with an Appearance Change at the Salon.
🌈 Can be added to a browbird design with a common or uncommon tail using a Rare Trait Potion. This will convert the tail to a rare tail and replace the current rarity.

✅ Can be applied to any tail style.
✅ Second tail does not have to match the first
✅ Second tail can be placed to the side/above/below the first
✅ Second tail can be the same or lower rarity to the first. If you apply this trait to a common or uncommon tail you can make the second tail rare as well.

❌ This trait can only be applied once to a design. It cannot be applied multiple times for additional tails.

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