➕ Uncommon Effect (Uncommon)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

Uncommon crest effects.

✅ Existing Designs: When your character already has an uncommon crest, or a crest with uncommon effects you may add on additional uncommon effects (or effects of lower rarities) at the design change salon through the use of an Appearence Change ticket.
❌ Uncommon effects cannot be added onto an existing design otherwise. And item with this functionality is planned for a future update.
✅ MYO Designing: When designing a new character, adding an uncommon effect to a crest shape of a lower rarity makes the entire crest uncommon. You may use an Uncommon Trait Potion or purchased uncommon trait to make the crest uncommon.
✅ Limitations: You are not limited on how many different effects you can use, however each effect can only be applied one time per crest shape/effect. 


Blazing crests burn bigger and brighter than the rest. These are a sign of a browbird with a larger than average store of magic to draw from, though it can often times come out in larger bursts than intended and can be difficult to control.

🔸 For Fires crests and other crests that have fire on them/resemble flames, the fire will be somewhat larger/longer and burn brighter with more detailed flames.
🔸 For crests that are a shape (such as a star) the flames will instead surround the shape. 
Bubbling crests are surrounded with little bubbles of excess magic, and this usually suggests that the browbird is leaking small bits magical energy. They tire much quicker and will often times have a smaller than average pool of magic to draw from. Many bubbling crest browbirds have trouble controlling their magic from an early age. It is sometimes possible to overcome this shortcoming with lots of training and focus.

🔸 Allows the crest to take on a more liquid "bubble" appearence. Can resemble boiling water, lava bubbles, soap, carbonation, ect!
Radiance crests are considered an evolution of the blazing effect. A more refined, controlled version of the excess power that a blaze brings. This effect surrounds the crest in a flat disc shape that appears like the one shown. This always shows behind the crest no matter the angle, and will always have the detail lines present.

🔸 Radiance must remain proportional to the crest if no size modifiers exist on the crest.
Ooze crests, however, are an evolution of the bubbling effect. Their magical energy would not "leak" as quickly as those with a bubbling crest experience, but they would experience a slower recovery time when it comes to replenishing magical energy.

The crest takes on a dripping liquid appearence. The bottom of the crest is more often affected than the top. Can resemble dripping water or slime.

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