➕ Mythic Effect (Mythic)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

Mythic crest effects.

✅ Existing Designs: When your character already has a mythic crest, or a crest with mythic effects you may add on additional mythic effects (or effects of lower rarities) at the design change salon through the use of an Appearence Change ticket.
❌ Mythic effects cannot be added onto an existing design otherwise. And item with this functionality is planned for a future update.
✅ MYO Designing: When designing a new character, adding a mythic effect to a crest shape of a lower rarity makes the entire crest mythic. You may use a Mythic Trait potion or purchased mythic trait to make the crest mythic.
✅ Limitations: You are not limited on how many effects you can use, however each effect can only be applied one time per crest shape. In the case of multiple crests, that means each crest can have one of each effect.


White crests are associated with the purest form of the celestial aspects. It is said that only powerful celestial browbirds will have a crest that grows in bright, blinding white. It is thought that a white crest is a sign of a soul that has reincarnated countless times, and the passage through the dreamscape and back to the living world has eventually changed the soul to light itself.

🔸 Allows the crest to be white or very close to white.  These crests can glow quite brightly. 
Black crests are associated with a deep connection to the Abyssal Void and the void aspects that draw from it. They are thought to be the souls of those who in their passage between the layers of reality had gotten caught within the realm of Avys'karn which caused a permanent change when the soul is reincarnated again. It is a sign of strength, resilience, and elegance that would likely turn heads. These striking  crests do not actually generate their own light, instead a black crest will bend and distort light around itself to create the illusion of a glow.

🔸 Allows the crest to be all black or very close to black
🔸 The crest must have a bright colored or light colored outline that gives off light -OR- the crest must have bright/light parts or particles within or around it.
Dull crests are those between the white and black crest, or possibly even a combination of the two. These are any crests that fall into duller ranges beyond dark crests. They are quite the enigma, as they are hardly ever seen even among mythic crests.

🔸Crest must not be saturated. Can be any dull color all the way to gray. Can be any amount of lightness.
Parahelion effect can be observed around only the brightest of crests, and can often times be seen paired with a white crest. This effect causes bright halo rays and occasionally small, distorted 'mock' images of the crest and it's light around the halo's edges.

🔸 Adds a semi-halo effect around one of the crest shapes. Cannot form a perfect ring.

Thorned Crests  can be seen constantly distorting, having thorns of various sizes emerging and retracting. Crests like this clearly show that the browbird has intense instability within their aura and soul, often brought on by intense magical trauma or an intense magical infusion while the crest was still forming. Those with these crests will have great difficulty controlling their intensely powerful magic and can be easily overwhelmed.

🔸 Adds short to medium spikes to the crest shape.

Effect not shown in Example: Supermassive

Supermassive allows the crest to be at minimum over 2x the crest size, and at maximum as large as half the browbird's entire main body.
Extra Note: Black crests do not mean evil souls and white crests do not inheretly mean good souls, and a gray wouldn't be "morally gray". These tones have nothing to do with good/evil! They are instead very special colors that could be seen more as an omen for ones future, signs of power, or a special connection to other planes.
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