➕ Monstrous Form (Halv)

Category: Other
Species: Browbird (Halv subtype)

✅ This trait can be applied for free if you meet the requirements, please go to the Salon to do so.

Halv browbirds are sometimes able to take on alternate forms that are larger and more powerful. While  some may need to have a trigger to go into their alternate form, others are able to shift at will. There are even some halvs who stay in their monster form permanently.

Not all halvs have an alternate form, it usually will depend on how much void energy they have absorbed when their transformation into this type first took place.

If you own a halv design, you may design their monsterous form for free, or alternatively you may designate their current design as their halv form and create a standard form for them.

When designing the Monsterous form, you can change the following:

  • Colors (markings must remain very similar)
  • Horns and tail
  • Certain additional traits
  • The crest
  • Certain magic aspects
  • Body type and height

Please keep in mind that trait changes should make logical sense or they may be declined. Consider why those changes happen and how the transformation may look!

The monsterous form does not need to remain bipedal in that it can also take on a centaur-like appearance! This allows the design to have four browbird feet and a centaur or even more serpent like body-type on their lower half.

🌀 Hybrid Trait: Hiros halvs can take on a harpy monsterous form. This grants them wing arms. For the centaur form combined with hiros, they may instead become a bird-taur.

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