➕ Crest Particle Effect (★Common)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

Crest Particle Effects

Crest particles are a small, optional trait and can be added to the crest.

These particles are made entirely of magic and would not be something you could "move" or "pick up". The effects will usually sit on or float around with the crest and follow its flow. If one were to fall too far away from the crest, it would fade away.

✅ Existing Designs: Particle effects can be added to any browbird's crest at the design change salon through the use of an Appearence Change ticket if they meet the criteria.
✅ MYO Designing: When designing a new character, you are able to use these effects for free if your design meets the criteria.
✅ Limitations:
☑️ Crest particles can be added so long as your character meets the corresponding aspect criteria. For example, browbirds with the Wood aspect may add the leaf and petal effects, but cannot have the rune effects if they do not have the Arcane aspect.
☑️ Certain particles can be added for free regardless of aspects!
☑️ Colors do not need to match the examples.
☑️ You are not limited to how many different particle effect types you can use, such as both butterflies AND eyes. However, the clusters are not additive, and cannot crowd a crest with every type of particle. They remain just as spaced out and sparse as they would with a single type. 
☑️ Crest particles must remain small and simplistic in shape, and should flow with or around the crest.

❌ Should not interact or intersect with other traits.
❌ Should not be used to resemble traits a character doesn't have (ex: using runes to resemble mythic crests, or being so spaced out they look like the wisp trait). They should not resemble a second crest.
❌ Placement should be at least somewhat random-looking and not form obvious lines or clear shapes, such as circles.
❌ The number of particles cannot be very low, such as one or two of a particle. It must be a good few.
❌ Particles must follow the color crest guidlines (i.e. you cannot have mythic colored particles, such as black, unless your crest is mythic, etc)

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