➕ Common Effect (Common)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

Common crest effects.

✅ Existing Designs: Common effects can be added to any browbird's crest at the design change salon through the use of an Appearence Change ticket.
✅ MYO Designing: When designing a new character, you are able to use these effects for free.
✅ Limitations: You are not limited on how many different effects you can use, however each effect can only be applied one time per crest shape/effect. 


Dual toned crests are made up of two separate color groups, such as blue and orange like the example. They can be twisted, gradiented, or otherwised mixed together however you'd like! Browbirds who posses a dual toned crest are more likely to have an easier time learning their second magical aspect in their early adulthood!

🔸 The crest has up to two distinct colors present on it.
Turnways crests are simply the crest turned upside down! Those with the turnways crest likely had a more difficult time learning their second aspect when it first began to appear. They are said to be the sorts who get lost easily, and are often people who think outside the box.

🔸 Flips the entire crest or part of the crest upside down.
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