Trait Categories

Additional Traits

Additional traits include anything that can be added to the body or modifies an existing trait without changing the base trait. These traits often don't overlap with each other and must each be applied seperately.

In this category you'll find special markings, eye traits, and more! Basically anything that doesn't fall into required anatomy like horns, tails, masks, crests, or patches.

All Playable Species

Space Antennae (Uncommon)
Silky Antennae (Uncommon)
Delicate Antennae (Uncommon)

Browbird and Painted Satyr


Clouded Eye (Common)
Reversal Eyes (Common)
Mismatched Eyes (Rare)
Glamor Pupils (Rare)
Glowing Markings (Mythic)
Spell Sleeve (Mythic)
Runic Circles (Mythic)

Browbird Only


Body spines (Mythic)

Hiros/Half-hiros Browbird only

Can only be applied if your design or MYO slot is a hiros/half-hiros.


Wing Spike (Hiros Common)
Hiros Body Feathers (Hiros Common)
Hiros Addon Feathers (Hiros Uncommon)
Body Wings (Hiros Rare)
Skylord Wings (Hiros Rare)
Hylos Blessing (Hiros Mythic)


These traits cannot be applied currently outside of special sales.


Aspect Mastery: Spirit (Ancient)
Aspect Mastery: Being (Ancient)
Aspect Mastery: Cycle (Ancient)
Aura Manifest (Ancient)
Exposed Bone (Revenant)
Unmending (Revenant)
Extra Limbs (Halv)
Extra Sense (Halv)
Leaking Aura (Halv)
Carapace (Halv)
Beastly Claws (Halv)
Scale Plating (Astrean)
Sea Veil (Astrean)
Fins (Astrean)
Lustrum Wings (Special)

Painted Satyr Only


Sea Flora (Rare)
Briarthorn (Rare)
Stag Trait (Grove)
Hawk Trait (Grove)
Cat Trait (Grove)
Wolf Trait (Grove)
Serpent Trait (Grove)
Overgrowth (Feyblood)
Elemental Fey (Feyblood)
Fey Halo (Feyblood)
Fey Wings (Feyblood)
Mothheart (Feyblood)
Arachnid Curse (Feyblood)
Lustrum Soul (Special)

Kitbull Only

Lustrum Talons (Special)

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