Trubull (Kitbull Subtype)

🌟 Trubulls are a rare kitbull subtype only available if your MYO slot allows for the trubull type. You can also obtain the trubull subtype for any existing kitbull design through an upcoming quest so keep an eye out!


★ Trubull Form design notes

✦ The following are all features that the TRUBULL form must have!

✅ REQUIRED: Colors and Markings
The same colors and markings should be present on both designs. Some minor changes can be made between the forms as long as you can clearly tell they are meant to be the same design.

TRUBULL'S ARE COVERED IN FUR! All over their body. Their faces would have at least a thin later of fur. The trubull's face must be generally the same color as the kitbull face unless you are applying the partial coverage of the sphinx mutation to get a more humanlike skin appearance!

✅ Required: Tail and ears
The trubull form by default has the same tail and ears as the kitbull form with the same sizing restrictions.

Human-like eyes that are the same colors and have the same pupil shape as the kitbull form's eyes

✅ REQUIRED: Human-like face and sharp teeth
Trubulls have human nose and mouth with sharp teeth, can optionally have a second row of sharp teeth behind the first. Mouth and nose can be VERY SLIGHTLY catlike but should overall still look human. Trubulls should still have a flat humanlike face and no snout/muzzle!

✅ REQUIRED: Human-like hands with pawpads
Trubull arms and hands are often the same color as a kitbull's arm and hands but do not have to be. However you must AT LEAST tint the fingers the same color as the kitbull's hands. Trubull hands have pawpads and short nails by default. To have long/sharp nails will required the claws mutation.

✅ REQUIRED: Kitbull-like legs and feet
Trubulls retain kitbull-like legs that are somewhat more upright! Their feet would resemble the kitbull's back legs. You can obtain alternate foot styles with these items.

🔸 OPTIONAL: Neck Mane
Trubulls can retain the long neck mane fluff kitbulls often have or it can be removed. The trubull form may still have a mane even if the kitbull does not have one!

They can have hair unique to the trubull form as long as it is the same colors as the kitbull form's hair. If the kitbull form does not have hair on the head you can choose any hair style and color! If your kitbull has the sphinx mutation and is entirely hairless you can still add hair to just the top of the trubull form's head if you don't want them to be bald.

★ Free Traits

✅ All traits currently on the kitbull design transfer to the trubull form unless otherwise specified (see trubull creation info below). If you are transferring a trait over to the trubull form it must retain their EXACT look with only very minor tweaks allowed to account for the different body plan.

✅ Trubull's are granted +1 extra aspect slot regardless of their current number of slots.

A trubull is allowed 1 enchanted clothing item created by you for design and IC purposes. This clothing item is likely something the character would wear often and may have significance to them.

✅ Can have 1 moderate elemental effect and be up to 50% elemental. MUST MATCH AN ASPECT THE KITBULL HAS. Check the elemental guide to see what is allowed!
✅ Can have runes of any type that can optionally glow
✅ Can have sparkles
✅ YOU get to pick the IC-only effect, keep it reasonable please! It should be minor to moderate in strength. Get creative!

❌ It should not resemble any existing premade enchanted items obtainable through the ARPG
❌ Cannot resemble wings
❌ Cannot be alive,
❌ Should clearly be a CLOTHING PIECE as to not be mistaken for a trait.
❌ Can only be a single clothing piece not multiple pieces! So ONE cloak, or one scarf, or one necklace, ect. The only exception would be earrings or bracelets which can be a pair!

★ Other Information

✦ The method of shifting between the kitbull form and trubull form are UP TO YOU! It can be triggered by a specific event, only when they're wearing a specific item, when they have too much/too little magic to draw from, at their whims, and so on!

✦ Trubull humanlike forms are between 4' - 7'. Generally most kitbulls in trubull form DO lean towards the shorter side. Their height is often influenced by their size in kitbull form but this is not always the case however! A tiny kitbull could become a very tall trubull, and the longest longbull could be a short trubull. It's up to you!

✦ While in trubull form they are often more adept at controlling their magic

✦ Most trubulls revert to kitbull form if they are significantly weakened or totally worn out. For those who prefer to maintain their trubull form at all times their kitbull forms can be considered a low-power form they only take when absolutely necessary!

✦ They can eat in trubull form, but most normal foods hold little neutritional value to them. They still have to consume magical energy!

★ Creating and Editing Trubulls

Please read this section carefully if you plan to design a trubull or make any edits to your trubull or a kitbull with a trubull form!


IMPORTANT NOTE: If your MYO SLOT comes with the trubull subtype you may design JUST THE TRUBULL FORM WHEN SUBMITTING! You do NOT need to design the kitbull form right away.

Otherwise please follow this checklist:


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