Reverie (Browbird Subtype)

This subtype is a WIP and is not yet available for use.

Be aware that subtype traits and trait availability may change in the future.

Dreamers who can manipulate reality.
✦ Info:
✅ Can be applied to an existing character with the [ITEM NOT AVAILABLE]
✅ Can be applied to half-hiros, hiros, ancient, revenant, halv, and astrean
This type replaces the standard type.
To be a Reverie, your character must have these features
  • At least one trait from the free traits list
  • Reverie Wings - One set of small to large butterfly, moth, or dragonfly insect wings. These wings can be hidden at will
  • A keyhole somewhere on the body, should be small
  • A key, can be small or up to 1x body length
  • A Total of 5 Aspect Slots, extra slots are granted automatically if character does not have 5.
  • Either the dream or nightmare aspect
Free Traits:
These traits can be added to the design for free upon transforming into a Reverie.
A Reverie requires at least one of these traits to be added to the design, the rest are optional. When making design edits to an existing astrean these can be added on with the use of an appearance change ticket. 
  • 1 Set of Lustrum Wings
  • Glamour Pupils
  • Mismatched Eyes
  • Horn Engraving
  • Sparkles
  • Glowing Extras
  • Augmented Trait
Regular Reverie Traits:
The following are additional Reverie traits.
1 of these traits can be added to free when creating a Reverie design or turning a character into a reverie but once the character is created you must use items to add additional traits from this list
More traits from this list can be added through [ITEM TBA].
  • Reverie Tail - Allows a tail covered in insect wings
  • Reverie Hair - Allows the hair to made out of insect wings
  • Swarm - Allows the character to be surrounded and followed by small insect familiars
  • Reverie Enchantment - Allows one limb or trait of the design to be entirely made out of enchanted insects, such as an arm covered in moths.
  • Enchanted Familiar - Allows one familiar creature of your own design to accompany the character. This familiar counts as a rare companion when included in prompts and can be small to medium size. This creature is bound to the character and can be summoned at will. The familiar can be elemental.
  • Aspect Key - Allows the key to be elemental and made of an aspect the character has.

Please ask questions and send designs in for review if you are unsure of anything! 

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