Feyblood (Painted Satyr Subtype)

This subtype is a WIP! Please be aware that designs submitted for edits or approval are subject to longer review times and are more likely to be rejected if they use this subtype due to lack of up to date reference material.

Subtype traits and trait availability may change in the future.

The item to convert to this subtype is currently raffle-only!

Feyblood is a special type of satyr that occurs when a painted satyr directly descends directly from an archfey, or a lesser diety of nature or magic. These traits can also be granted through special blessings, curses, or bestowed onto themselves through magical means or by powerful beings that watch over them. 

There are different types of feybloods, often divided into three categories. Elemental, Fairy, and Hollow each with their own specialized origins. There are also many who have mixes between these features, marking them as hybrid fey.

The fairies are very whimsical and take on sacred duties to keep order, protect the natural world, and honor the five satyr spirits. Some painted satyr queens and leaders are fairy satyr, striking awe and wonder in those they lead with their shimmering wings and control over the forests. 

The elemental are a balance between fairy and hollow, and thus they keep balance in the natural world and embody both order and chaos. These satyrs can be raging fires and firce windstorms, but also calm water and dappled sunbeams. 

Hollow feybloods are referred to as such due to the curse placed on them gradually rotting them from within and causing a variety of odd features to afflict their form. These satyr serve the forces of chaos, or had a curse or dark blessing placed on them by a more dubiously aligned entity.  They are not necessarily evil by default, however! 

Feyblood Requirements

✅ A feyblood must have at least 1 feyblood trait
✅ A feyblood must have 3 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 3 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 3.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "feyblood" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free feyblood trait on an existing feyblood please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:

✅ You are not restricted to one type of feyblood! You will be able to have traits from all three types.

Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!


Elemental (Feyblood) - Adds an elemental effect relating to one of their aspects
Fey Halo - (Feyblood) - Adds a halo above or behind their head, often relating to their aspect or flora
Fey Wings (Feyblood) - Adds butterfly, moth, dragonfly, or fairy wings to the character's back. 
Mothheart (Feyblood) - Replaces hair with insect wings and allows insect wings to grow from places on the body and for the character to have trails of insects following them/living on them. 
Arachnid (Feyblood) - Allows multiple eyes, limbs, or mouths on the body
Split Being (Feyblood) - Splits the character into a light/dark half. Or dream/nightmare. Life/death. Ect! Can take the form of two heads or twin designs. 
Decay (Feyblood) - Allows rot, exposed bone, and unmending injuries on the body. 
Overgrowth (Feyblood) - Branches grow from anywhere on the body

Glade Form

Feyblood painted satyr can take on four-legged centaur forms called glade form. This is optional and not all feybloods have this trait! They can freely change between their normal form and glade form.

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