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πŸ₯š Living Liquid Mount Egg

Category: Companion Items

Rarity: ✸

β˜…Β Use:
One time use, item will be removed from your inventory when used.
Grants you one MYO slot for a baby dalon using the base provided.

β˜… You can not edit the lineart at all
β˜… You can not made trait additions, such as extra tails, sets of wings, horns, eyes, ect. The base features must remain the same.
β˜… You can add accessories to the companion as long as they are clearly clothing/items. Accessories should not cover more than 30% of the design.
β˜… You can add reflections and sparkles on the eyes or body that go over lines.
β˜… You can do slight paint overs of the lineart but the general shape of the lines should still remain.
β˜… You can change the expression
β˜… You can add very slight glowing areas around markings/eyes/body/ect that goes outside the lineart but be aware they may be cut off for the official upload if they extend to far.Β 
β˜… You can make them any color with any type of markings including stars/sparkles/runes/translucency,glowing markings ect
β˜… Be sure that you lock the lines and color layers to make it as clean as possible!
β˜… Dalon Droplet Base
Your baby mount functions as a normal companion, but can be grown up through various methods!
β˜… Please send in a claim with a link to your design to get your final companion approved!
β€’ In the URL section of the claim, include a link to the design
β€’ In the description please put the species and rarity!
β€’ The image MUST be a PNG and MUST have a transparent background.
β€’ The image should stay at exactly 450x450px and the companion image should not be moved from where it is positioned on the canvas.
β˜…Β Description:Β 
A bottle full of strange liquid that moves on its own. It contains the essence of a Dalon. The Dalons known as companions and mounts are actually only fragments of the true being. The great Dalon is a hundred-headed monster that guards the castle gardens adopt the City of Ink. As heads grow old they eventually fall off and splatter to the ground into a dark puddle of ink to be replaced by fresh heads. This quivering shadow left behind will then eventually form into a small amorphous creature before eventually solidifying into a fierce, yet playful, serpentine beast.Β 

Uses: Grants you one MYO slot for a baby Dalon using the base provided.



2020 Autumn Event Crafting

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