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πŸ₯š Evorantine

Category: Companion Items

Rarity: ✸

Resale Value: 8 ✨ Stargold

β˜…Β Obtained from:

β€’ Crafting
β€’ Gilded Gacha

β˜…Β Use:
One time use. Item will be removed from your inventory when used.
Changes one companion into their uncommon form.
✦ Info:
βœ… This item will allow you to create an uncommon companion when paired with an Egg, or allows you to create a base transfer to have your companion become uncommon.
βœ… Can be paired with other companion editing items to do all edits at once
βœ… CAN be used on a rare/offbase companion but it will downgrade them to uncommon rarity
❌ Cannot be used on an uncommon or unique companion
❌ Cannot be used on mounts
❌ Does not change your companion's species. You must upgrade into the uncommon version of the SAME SPECIES.
❌ When applied to an existing companion the colors and markings should remain the nearly identical but can be tweaked slightly to fit the new form, this item does not allow heavy marking/color edits!
❌ This item does not add any new features!
✦ Base Use:
βœ… Can be any color and have any markings
βœ… Shading is optional, you can remove provided shading and add your own, can be any color
βœ… Lineart can be any color
βœ… Paint overs are fine as long as lineart remains in tact
βœ… Translucency is OK
βœ… Making the fur resemble any natural texture is OK (ie: plants, water, ect)
βœ… Small accessories can be added but should not exceed 30% coverage and should not resemble extra features
βœ… You can optionall add a tiny tuft of hair to the top of the head
βœ… You can change expression
βœ… You can tweak a limb to resemble a prosthetic or be missing
βœ… Can have slight glowing effects, sparkles, and very small plant growth that very slightly break lineart
βœ… You can add new lines within the lineart as long as they do not change the species anatomy
❌ LINEART CANNOT BE EDITED AT ALL other than exceptions stated above
❌ LINEART SHOULD ALWAYS REMAIN IN TACT and be clearly discernible in some way, even if painted over
❌ Extra features cannot be added (ie: wings, extra limbs, extra eyes, extra tails, bigger claws, ect)
❌ Cannot be a robot
❌ Cannot have large glowing auras or elemental trails
❌ Color should not go outside of the lines
❌ Pose and canvas orientation cannot be changed

❗ ALL FINAL COMPANIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AT THE EXACT 450X450 SIZE OF THE BASE. Do not crop or resize the canvas at all!
β˜…Β  The bases available when using this item are:

Common Aprico by AgentCorrinaUncommon Aprico

Common Seasun by AgentCorrinaUncommon Seasun

Common Crabit by AgentCorrinaUncommon Crabit

Common Kitlike by AgentCorrinaUncommon Kitlike

Common Dridgeon by AgentCorrinaUncommon Dridgeon

Common Lunon by AgentCorrinaUncommon Lunon

Common Aircorn by AgentCorrina
Uncommon Aircorn

Common Kettlecat by AgentCorrinaUncommon Kettlecat

Common Sharden by AgentCorrinaUncommon Sharden

Common Spectal by AgentCorrinaUncommon Spectal

Uncommon Bippin by AgentCorrinaUncommon Bippin

Uncommon Nim

Click the images to go to the base download page!
β˜…Β Description:Β 
A delicious fruit that is both sweet and tart. Animals of all kind love these things, and critters who are infused with any amount of magic will find their mouths watering when looking upon an Evorantine. They make wonderful treats for your pet, just don't overdo it!

Uses: Changes one common companion into their uncommon form.

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