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💠 Everlit Candle

Category: Trinkets

Rarity: ★★★

Resale Value: 10 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:
★ Use:
Can be used with a browbird, painted satyr, or kitbull. 
This is a permanent item, it is NOT consumed on use.
The character using the item must be your own or the focus character.
You can only use one trinket item per submission.
The item does NOT NEED TO BE SHOWN or mentioned in the prompt itself, but you can if you'd like!
✨Bonus: Doubles the SG earned from equipped Apparel items. Only works when an apparel item is used with it, will have no affect otherwise!

Example: if an apparel grants +3, it will instead become +6
Will not work with any items that grant a random amount of stargold!
★ Appearance:
You can tweak the appearance to suit your character but the overall idea of the item should remain.

Things you can change
  • Color of the candle, flame, and holder
  • Small adjustments to the holder
★ Description
A particularly special type of candle used during various candleblight ceremonies. Those who wear especially detailed costumes of demons or the flame hero will wander celebrating town with these candles and use them as a source to light normal candleblight candles to properly start the festival.

Uses: Doubles the SG earned from equipped Apparel items when included with the focus character in  a prompt entry.

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