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🎁 Gift of Nature

Category: Gifts & Boxes


 Obtained from:
Free gift given out during the Grove Quest launch June 2022.

Open the item in your inventory, consumed on use.
Grants the following rewards when opened:
  • +3✨ Stargold
  • +1💎 Celestial Shard
  • +1 Random Crafting Material from the list below:
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Reward Chance

42.4% Total
(6.06% ea.)
175-image.png 38.1% Total
(4.24% ea.)

14.5% Total
(2.42% ea.)

4.8% Total
(1.21% ea.)
At first you mistook it for a regular flower, but upon closer inspection you realize the bloom is sprouting from a small bundle of items. It seems like it's been here a while, so there's probably no harm in taking it with you. As you pick it up you hear something nearby... A rustle? The snapping of a twig? There doesn't seem to be anyone else around, but it still feels as if you were spotted.

Uses: Open in your inventory to receive the items



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