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🎁 Crafting Crate

Category: Gifts & Boxes


 Obtained from:
• Completing the Crafting Quests rewards 1 Crafting Crate
Market Street - Purchased for 25✨
Open the crate to receive 3 random crafting materials from the following
The rarer the item the less likely it will drop. You can get multiples of the same item.
Please note that as new crafting items are released they will be added to the drop list.
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Reward Chance

42.4% Total
(6.06% ea.)
175-image.png 38.1% Total
(4.24% ea.)

14.5% Total
(2.42% ea.)

4.8% Total
(1.21% ea.)
A crate full of supplies! They should be useful for creating something new.

Uses: Open the crate to receive 3 random crafting materials.

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