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🎁 Birthday Gift

Category: Gifts & Boxes


❗ ITEM TEMPORARILY DISABLED DUE TO BUG. If you obtain this item and it is NOT the week of your birthday this is an error! Please contact us to delete the item.

Otherwise to claim the contents please submit a claim with the gift attached in the cosumables section.
 Obtained from:
Log in on your birthday to claim your gift!
You have a whole week to claim the gift so remember to check in.

Open the item in your inventory, consumed on use.
Grants the following rewards when opened:
  • +5✨ Stargold
  • +2💎 Celestial Shards
  • +1 Random rare trait item or rare peculiar from the list below:
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Reward Chance

54% Total
(3.6% ea.)
43.2% Total
(3.6% ea.)
Happy birthday! 

Uses: Open in your inventory to receive your gift!



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