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🌟Small Singularity

Category: ★ Specialty


 Obtained from:
One time use. Consumed once design has been updated.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the salon.
Can be used on browbirds, painted satyr, or kitbulls
❗This item cannot be applied if they are standard OR already have at least 1 standard form.

✦ Adds ONE standard alt form if the character meets all the following requirements:
  • Character has no existing standard form
  • Character's main form is not standard (must be: hiros, ancient, revenant, halv, astrean, feyblood, longbull, trubull)
✦ Alt form must be the same species
✦ Colors/markings must be at least 70% similar
✦ Alt form is the standard subtype and has entirely standard traits + unlimited common traits where applicable.
✦ Uncommon, rare, and grove traits do not carry over
✦ Any FREE subtype traits do not carry over
✦ Anomalies and augmented traits do not carry over
✦ All mythic, special, and legendary traits can optionally carry over as the exact same trait (can have different coverage/application as long as they are the same trait)
✦ Alt forms are edited and traited separately after creation!
Does not create a new character or "twin"! Alt form can be a different/past/future version of the character, a disguise, low power form, or anything else of your choosing! Forms can be used interchangeably in prompts, both are canon versions of the same character.
Rare, powerful magicians from days gone by uncovered a method of unlocking a simpler, more mundane form for those with conspicuously powerful forms. By folding a part of their soul, these mages are able to conceal their more unusual traits and slip seamlessly into a crowd of unfamiliar faces. Is it still possible today? Who can say...

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