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🌟 Strange Nova

Category: ★ Specialty

Rarity: ★★★★★

Choice Box

Notice: Some subtype item options available from this choice box are pre-release and a work in progress. They will see heavy updates in the future. Keep this in mind when picking which item you want!

Subtype and trait availability may change, and new subtypes may be added to this item as they are released.

★Obtained from:
  • Raffles
Open the item in your inventory, consumed on use.
Allows you to pick x1 Subtype item from the list, choice cannot be undone.

Ritual of the Dead

Browbird ✦ Revenant

Wisdom of the Stars

Browbird ✦ Ancient

Curse of the Abyss

Browbird ✦ Halv

Stone of the Sea

Browbird ✦ Astrean

Hylos Relic

Browbird ✦ Hiros

Wish of the Wild

Painted Satyr ✦ Feyblood


Kitbull ✦ Longbull
Something has pierced the veil and crawled it's way into your reality.

Uses: Open in your inventory to choose your prize!

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