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🌟 Shimmering Egg

Category: MYO Items

Resale Value: 4 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:
• Specialty Supplies - Purchased for ✨25

One time use, item will be removed from your inventory when used.
Grants you the ability to create a single companion using one of the bases provided.

You can not edit the lineart at all
You can not made trait additions, such as extra tails, sets of wings, horns, eyes, ect. The base features must remain the same.
You can add accessories to the companion as long as they are clearly clothing/items. Accessories should not cover more than 30% of the design.
You can add reflections and sparkles on the eyes or body that go over lines.
You can color the lines and do slight paint overs of the lineart but the general shape of the lines should still remain.
You can change the expression
You can add very slight glowing areas around markings/eyes/body/ect that goes outside the lineart but be aware they may be cut off for the official upload if they extend to far. 
You can make them any color with any type of markings including stars, sparkles, runes, translucency, glowing markings ect.
Be sure that you lock the lines and color layers to make it as clean as possible!
★  The bases available when using this item are:

Common Aprico by AgentCorrinaCommon Aprico

Common Seasun by AgentCorrinaCommon Seasun

Common Crabit by AgentCorrinaCommon Crabit

Common Kitlike by AgentCorrinaCommon Kitlike

Common Dridgeon by AgentCorrinaCommon Dridgeon

Common Lunon by AgentCorrinaCommon Lunon

Common Aircorn by AgentCorrina
Common Aircorn

Common Kettlecat by AgentCorrinaCommon Kettlecat

Common Sharden by AgentCorrinaCommon Sharden

Common Spectal by AgentCorrinaCommon Spectal

Common Spectal by AgentCorrinaCommon Bippin


Click the images to go to the base download page!
Please send in a claim with a link to your design to get your final companion approved!
• In the URL section of the claim, include a link to the design
• In the description please put the species and rarity!
• The image MUST be a PNG and MUST have a transparent background.
• The image should stay at exactly 450x450px and the companion image should not be moved from where it is positioned on the canvas.
An enchanted egg with something small shifting around inside. It's warm to the touch. By infusing it with a large amount of your own magical energy you can form it into a companion creature that suits you.

Uses: Grants you one MYO slot for a common companion creature of your choice from those listed.


Purchaseable At:

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